Continuation of the implementation of the InQuire Research Incubator program: 12th workshop

In the continuation of implementing the InQuire Research Incubator support program, the twelfth workshop was held on 11th May 2021 in an online format. According to the adopted plan and program, we continued with the presentation of the draft research proposals of our participants. At this workshop, our colleague Anisa Šišić-Topalović first presented her project proposal. Anisa is working on the topic “Assessment of the Balass – Samuelson effect in the Western Balkans countries”, and within this program, she collaborates with her co-mentor, prof. Dr Geoffrey Pugh. The second presentation on the topic “The place and role of non-governmental organisations in advocating and formulating public policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was presented by our colleague Hazim Okanović. Hazim is working on the development of the project proposal with his advisor, prof. Dr Dragana Vidović. After these presentations, the participants asked questions and discussed the elements of research projects.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on “Steps in data analysis”. Participants were shown the basic steps in analysing quantitative data, which was discussed through practical examples in the previous workshop. Standard steps in the analysis of qualitative data are also presented as an introduction to the practical part of the next workshop, where participants will be introduced to the program for processing qualitative data.

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