InQuire Research Incubator Support Program: Fourteenth Workshop

In the continuation of the implementation of the InQuire Research Incubator support program, the fourteenth workshop was held on 25th May 2021, in an online format. At this workshop, two colleagues presented their draft project proposals. The first was the presentation of our colleague Nejra Džananović on the topic “The role of volunteering and professional practices in the process of finding a job.” Nejra is working on the development of the project proposal with her mentor, prof. Dr Selma Walther. The second presentation was on the topic “Competence profile of the freelance business model” presented by our colleague Ilma Kurtović. After the presentations, all those present commented and discussed the elements of the project proposals on which colleagues should continue to work.

In the second part of the workshop, we talked about two topics related to writing research project proposals and their implementation. The first topic dealt with the issues of planning the schedule of activities and following the budget planning. These two elements of a project proposal are essential if donor funding is to be sought to fund a research proposal. Another topic we covered in this workshop was related to writing a report on the conducted research, including writing a doctoral dissertation or the final thesis of the second cycle of studies. In addition to reports on the research conducted, we also talked about other publications, such as short studies, infographics and tools for presenting research results.

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