The first session of the new InQuire program was held

As part of the implementation of the InQuire Migration Research Laboratory program, the first session was held, which marked the beginning of the program that will last until the middle of 2024. The session was held on January 25, 2024, through the Zoom application, with participants from the Western Balkans region and Türkiye.

In the first session, program participants listened to Introduction to Migration Research with a special focus on acquiring terminology and basic concepts when designing, implementing, and writing about migration. The session was led by Prof. Dr. Danica Šantić from the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, a member of the WB-MIGNET network. From her rich experience in migration research in the Western Balkans, the professor shared with the participants practical advice that will be useful to them not only in their work within the program but also when designing future research.

Considering the interest of the participants in the discussion of specific questions and examples, the session with Prof. Šantić will be continued in the continuation of the implementation of the program.

More about the program you can find here.

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