The First workshop of the InQuire Research Incubator support program was held

Within the InQuire Research Incubator program to support postgraduate students, the First Workshop with candidates from the first cohort was held. The workshop was organized on February 16, 2021, at the premises of the CREDI centre, with the possibility of an online presence. The topic of the first workshop was Identifying Research Problem and Purpose.

The first step in the research design process is to identify real-world problems or management dilemmas and provide a brief description of the problem by recognizing a gap in the theory or practice that the study is trying to fill. The statement of the problem is a broader term that will be specified in the statement of purpose and research question. The purpose statement is based on the knowledge gap in the statement of the problem and describes what new knowledge and insights the study will create. The new contribution should address the lack of knowledge in the problem statement so that we can use the results to help solve the problem.

Within this workshop, candidates were given the opportunity to present their research ideas and provide basic information about their research project.

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