The Fourth Workshop was held as part of the InQuire Research Incubator Support Program

The fourth workshop of the InQuire Research Incubator program to support postgraduate students was held on 9th March 2021 at the CREDI center and online. The topic of the fourth workshop was the Conceptual (theoretical) framework. The conceptual framework explains, graphically or in narrative form, the main things being studied – key factors, constructions or variables – and the assumed relationships. After the workshop, the task given to the participants is to create a diagram that includes clearly defined constructs or variables (independent, dependent, etc.), along with the connections of these constructs and the key factors influencing the constructs and relationships. This task is often done along with the development of research questions, and it is an iterative process. Within the workshop, and based on the previous task related to the literature review, the participants discussed the further direction of the development of their project proposals.

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