The second workshop of the InQuire Research Incubator support program was held

The second workshop within the InQuire Research Incubator program to support postgraduate students was held on February 23, 2021, at the premises of the CREDI centre and online. The topic of the second workshop was Research Question. There is nothing in the research process more important than a good question. The importance of defining a clear research question cannot be overemphasized. Defining research questions, rather like generating research ideas, is not a straightforward matter. It is important that the question is sufficiently involved in generating the sort of project that is consistent with the standards expected of you.

Participants at the workshop were honoured with two presentations about setting up the research question in two different research projects. The first one was the presentation by professor Kea Tijdens from the WageIndicator Foundation and the University of Amsterdam on the topic “How Do Individual Workers Experience the Impact of the Economic Crisis?” She presented the research process she and her research team passed from setting up the research question to publication of the article in a journal. The second presentation was “The relationship between economic growth and subjective well-being – a review of Istrelin’s paradox in the case of developed countries” by Vladimir Mentus, PhD from the University of Belgrade. He explained his approach to defining a research question and obstacles related to data and the research process conducted during his PhD studies.

These two presentations opened discussions and helped our candidates to gain practical pieces of advice to start developing and structuring their research ideas.

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